our philosophy

The Homestead System Philosophy
Our philosophy is to take a proven scientific approach to water treatment, sell a product through ethical sales practices, price the product fairly, and never sell our product based upon scare tactics.

The residential water treatment business can often appear to be the old Wild West with little regulation, where anything goes, and charlatans are encountered. We are trying to counter this by developing a dealer organization that will sell under the Homestead System brand.

  • We Embrace the Scientific Approach: Improving water quality through engineering has been occurring for thousands of years. What has been occurring recently is that science has been replaced by gimmicks. We will not sell a product unless we reasonably understand how it works scientifically and/or we can reproduce the positive effect. We continue to push the scientific envelope, but we will inform the customer if the technology is fully proven or not.

  • We Work With Professionals: We try to select Homestead dealers who are familiar with your area and in whom you can trust because they are already in your home. People like your licensed plumber, licensed well drilling company, or regional independent water treatment equipment dealers. We have helped educate the dealer's employees on water treatment technology and equipment. These people are there to help you fix a problem often related to a possibly unknown water treatment problem. Now they can help you try to eliminate this problem for the future.

  • We Expect Ethical Sales Practices: We want each interaction with a prospective customer to be pleasant. We will not tolerate companies that pressure people to purchase, try to confuse people and demean the competition.

  • We Do Not Tolerate Scare Tactics: This is a key principal of our company. We know that water from water utility is heavily regulated for health effects by state and federal laws. A water utility only needs to treat for health effects. As a result, municipal water is usually the best quality with regard to health effects. What can be a problem is the aesthetic quality of the water because they are not required to treat for aesthetic concerns, like hardness, iron, taste, odor, and color, which are tougher to quantify. Over-chlorination is often the most common complaint from water utility customers. It is needed to keep the distribution bacteria free, but often is overdosed or people are particularly sensitive to the smell.

    The most offensive aesthetic problem are sulfur smells, sometimes likened to a “rotten egg odor”. This is caused by hydrogen sulfide, H2S, in the water. It can be caused by the region of the country where the water is drawn from, or from the presence of bacteria.

  • We Do Not Believe in "One-Tank Wonder" Systems: The Homestead System product line has technologies and equipment for most water treatment problems. Except for the simplest water treatment problems on a city water, most cannot be treated with the one-size-fits-all water treatment system. We educate our dealers to give you the optimum combination of products and technologies to solve your problem. If they come across a problem they have not seen before, we help them with possible solutions.